Crepe Erase

What’s Included in the Crepe Erase Kit and How Much is it?

There are two programs to be had, a 2-piece and a 5-piece. I purchased the “maximum effects machine” that is the five-piece package for $59.Ninety five.

That is the gadget in order to goal crepey skin from head to toe! The 2-piece set simplest comes with Step 1 & Step 2 and is $39.95, so for twenty extra dollars, you get 3 extra merchandise, plus a unfastened eye serum, so I think it’s well worth it to upgrade. visit

Here are the 5 products protected inside the most results device and a touch approximately every one:

Step 1: Exfoliating Body Polish (For use on full body except for face)

Highly-priced body polish containing “TruFirm,” a breakthrough firming complicated that facilitates rejuvenate growing old, dry, crepey looking skin at the neck, chest, legs and arms.

That is a mild, but powerful exfoliator that helps slough off all the ones lifeless pores and skin cells to show smoother, more youthful looking skin.

It smells brilliant and has a pleasant lather that allows you work in the exfoliating beads. The instructions are to exfoliate all of your issues regions for about a minute long, then rinse.

This leaves my complete body feeling very gentle and easy!

Step 2: Intensive Body Repair Treatment (Neck, chest, legs and arms)

That is a bathtub of an ultra-wealthy components which incorporates the “TruFirm” complex together with botanicals to visibly clean, company, and tighten crepey pores and skin on the neck, chest, arms and legs.

It consists of nutrient rich, extraordinary hydrating oils to provide all day moisture and protect the pores and skin. With regular use, crinkly, crepey pores and skin can seem smoother, more impregnable and extra youthful-looking.

After exfoliating, you spread this body-butter cream throughout your body and a bit is going a long manner. If I had to describe the odor, it’d be clean with a touch of citrus.

The directions are to work in a pearl sized quantity into affected regions. My frame simply drinks these things up and it completely absorbs leaving my legs, knees, fingers and elbows gentle, silky and hydrated. The entirety gets plumped up right now.

Step 3: Refining Facial Scrub (Face)

This is a gentler version of the body scrub which polishes away useless skin cells to restore the advent of wrinkly, stupid, aging skin on the face.

It consists of the Tru-company complicated to assist visibly renew and nourish the skin, revealing a brighter, softer, younger-searching complexion.

The guidelines are to massage lightly into damp pores and skin for 1-2 mins, then rinse.

I love an amazing exfoliator that isn’t too harsh, and this one leaves my face completely refreshed, gentle and clean. It’s mild enough for regular use.

Step 4: Restorative Facial Treatment (Face and neck)

Infused with TruFirm, this is an ultra-hydrating treatment for the delicate skin on the face and the neck.

It additionally includes a unique combo of moisturizing oils to improve the look of stupid, criss-crossed wrinkles to create a firmer, tighter, extra lifted appearance.

After exfoliating, you best need to apply one small pump complete to moisturize your entire face and neck, lightly massaging into pores and skin for 1 minute.

That is a concentrated, creamy lotion that feels surprisingly silky, hydrating and plumps and corporations the entire vicinity. My pores and skin is dry so my face loves this treatment!


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