Pifra Registration

Every government worker in the Asian nation receives/should receive a PIFRA earnings slip. PIFRA or FABS on-line earnings slip lets government worker understand the number of earnings, completely different allowances details like Adhoc, Convey Allowance, House Rent Allowance, Tax Deductions, Benevolent Fund, Medical Allowances, etc. Government worker additionally gets info regarding recent increments in Budget and Eid or alternative special bonuses details. Therefore applying for PIFRA earnings slip is obligatory. Presently 700000 workers square measure receiving earnings slip each month.

What square measure PIFRA and FABS?

PIFRA stands for Project for the development of monetary news and Auditing. It’s below FABS (monetary Accounting and Budgeting System). It’s to blame for issuance monthly base earnings slips. Each month a registered government worker can receive elaborated on-line earnings slip from PIFRA. Earnings slip from PIFRA arrives in 1st week of each month. A network drawback causes several time for delay in receiving slips which might be ten to fifteen days or someday a pair of to three months. However, most of the time slip arrives on time.

How to register for online earnings Slip at PIFRA?

For Pifra registration, first, you have got to receive your worker code or personal range that is sometimes associate in nursing eight digit codes. It’s provided by (district) account workplace of your involved department. Some workers get the non-public range among 1st-month others can get as shortly as they get their 1st earnings in their checking account. When you have got received your 1st earnings, you’ll raise at account workplace for your worker code and eight digit code.

Procedure for obtaining PIFRA earnings Slip:


  1. Personal range
  2. Associate in Nursing email id (Gmail account)
  3. CNIC range
  4. Phone range
  5. There square measure 5 input fields.
  6. 1st government field, fill it along with your province code, F = Federal, N = KP Govt, S = Sindh, B = Baluchistan, P = Punjab, DGP = District Govt geographical region, K = geographic region, DGN = District Govt KP, K = geographic region, GB = Gilgit-Baltistan, GBC = GB Council, C = geographic region Council.
  7. Second input field is the employee’s personal range. Input your personal range you bought from account workplace here. The third input is regarding CNIC range, therefore enter it. Fourth input, enter your date of birth and last your cell range.

the system can verify the entered details. If everything provided is correct, then you’ll be asked to enter Associate in a Nursing email address to receive on-line earnings slip forgiven personal range. If any detail given is wrong, you’ll not get the e-mail choice.

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