5D Painting – A Deeper Look Into Why It’s So Fun!

This 5D painting site is a bit different than previous blogs. Here we’ll look at a set of the insights and ideas that I’ve had relating to this addictive and pleasurable hobby. More of a”private site ” and I trust that you like it.

Being a big 5D enthusiast, myself, I’ve had a lot of time to think while placing those tiny diamonds in their appropriate spots. It’s my character to turn things around in my mind and attempt to stand out of”myself” and check out what is actually happening.

As I sift through diamonds, hunt for their appropriate areas, work on one little meticulous part at a time that I wonder “What is it all about this hobby that makes it SO fun?” .

It isn’t just me!

Every day I speak to 10’s of 100’s of individuals which are absolutely excited, every day, to work on their 5D projects.

I hear stories of hands going numb, eyes going blurry, people changing around their entire dining area, and hours traveling by without realizing it out of 5D painting. The majority of us collect a stack of paintings while we operate on ONE. We are anxiously awaiting our next job whilst still enjoying the present one we’re working on. We are art collectors of types. I personally have a pile that is awaiting videos and diamonds made of each painting. Visit Diamond painting tips It is a lot of work, however it is not work in any way! Is not that the way you know you have found something you truly adore ? It’s love when something is meticulous and time-consuming, hard, yet you are still anxious to get started. It feels like you have found greatness.

Why? What is it exactly about this relatively new hobby that makes it so gratifying, mind calming, and fascinating?

While working on my most recent 5D Kit, I really did my very best to observe all of the things that made me happy about it. The way in which the “snap” of this square diamond fitting into place fulfilled me. The way that completing a segment made me feel”progress”. The way it”comes to life” because I make progress and start to see the shimming painting in it’s finished form.

More than those things, though, there was a feeling I was doing a word search puzzle, a paint-by-numbers painting, a”where’s Waldo” hunting sport, an actual acrylic painting, and even a link the dots mystery sometimes.

When I am searching for a specific number/symbol, I find it is like I am finding all of the items in a hidden object style match. On the lookout for that specific colour, blurring out all others, until I have covered every previous one. Realizing I’ve found every single one because segment is gratifying, and I’m instantly on to hunting down the next color! I’ve seen myself copying the numbers and shapes in my mind in an almost believable, mantra-like style. I guess I am!

Having experience in an array of art projects in the past, 5D was a natural choice for me. All the hours I have worked on my art have corrected me to enjoy the practice of an involved artwork project. The patience needed (not everyone I’ve shown 5D paintings thought it looked fun!) , the meticulous hand-eye coordination, enjoying the process as far as the final product, are all part of the fun!

There’s also an obsessive quality to the hobby as a whole. I notice actually urge 5D painting. Using the”excuse” of creating YouTube videos for Untitled Artisan to perform 5D paintings whenever I can, since it’s something that I can’t wait to perform! Finding myself searching for my painting (or 5), determining where I need to display themhow I want to frame themand when I will have sufficient wall space in the home to decorate! Have you ever worked on a painting for so long that if you went to bed, you had symbols/numbers/diamonds inside of your eyelids? I have, lots of times. Incredible.

The common experience is a big part of it also. In person, online forums, in Facebook classes, it just begs me to discuss it. Asking for hints, finding out the secrets, and linking with the people that share my admiration with this magical hobby. The connection it has brought to everybody involved is inspiring. I have heard such incredible, inspiring stories, and it’s because I’ve discovered the community of fellow DIY artisans. It is fun, connects you with amazing people, and adds to that feeling of accomplishment as you work in your own painting. Untitled Arisan has met the majority of our best friends through YouTube, thus we can’t say enough great things about linking with real people who love the same Dotz paintings!

Individuals in”everyday” life know me as the 5D painting man because I discuss it continuously. Friends, family , bank tellers, eye doctors, you name it! If you run over to visit my house, there is a 5D painting in advance, waiting for one to help. Often times using a camera setup to perform time lapses, so that I can capture the fun. I’ve had folks say”I only need to keep hanging out and working with it!” , when they are overdue to be elsewhere. It is exciting, cute, and magical to me.

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